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The LGA Mentorship program provides advice and guidance to members, from beginners to experienced players.  A mentor is assigned to new LGA members, whether new to Landfall or moving up from the 9 hole group.


All of our experiences in learning the game, course management, rules, and etiquette come from a variety of sources.   Our goal is to ensure all our players have access to the same information by acclimating new members and answering questions regarding course management, pace of play, etiquette and operational aspects of LGA golf. We want everyone to enjoy the game and have fun, whether you are a beginner or experienced player.


Throughout the year, LGA will plan events, based on need, to provide mentorship to our members.  We hope you will take the opportunity to join us for sharing of experiences, knowledge, and laughs that will make the game of golf enjoyable for you and others that you play with.

Mentorship Topics

Wikipedia of Golf – Understanding Golf Terminology

Scoring with Handicaps


Pace of Play

Course Management 

Lessons Learned from Experienced Players



Click the Learn More button below to contact Mentorship Team, Jane Pierson and Carol Nash.

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"You have to believe you are meant for great things."

Lexi Thompson

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