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The mission of the LGA is to foster women's golf at the Country Club of Landfall.  It is the intention of the organization to encourage a friendly, competitive environment for members regardless of level of play.  To this end, the LGA will offer both play days and tournaments, as well as social and information venues.

Rear View of female Golfers

Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden is open to all membership levels of Country Club of Landfall.  Individuals and groups wishing to memorialize a deceased member or a former member may make contributions to the CCL Memorial Fund.  The Fund will be used to develop the Memorial Garden according to the existing landscape plan.  Donors will not be able to specify plantings, location or timing or alter the planned design of the garden. The garden is designed to be developed in specific phases.

Money contributed in memory of a member may be designated for a memorial stone with the deceased member's name only, for a minimum combined contribution of $100.  A request for the stone must be made at the time of the donation.  Memorial stones have been approved by the CCL Board.


Past Presidents

Jean Rosenberg 2023-2022

Ashley Lalier 2021
Betty Potter 2020
Ginger Wilson 2019
Deb King 2018
Jean Rosenberg 2017-2016
Sue Sabanos 2015
Sharon Cram 2014
Sandy Crumrine 2013
Barbara Guard 2012
Jerry Rosenmeier 2011
Muffy Pepper 2010
Edna Airey 2009
Doris Briley 2008
Lynn Meeker 2007
Charlotte Hackman 2006-2005
Janet Mattison 2004
Suzanne Davis 2003
Valerie Euler 2002
Mary Walker 2001
Jerry Rosenmeier 2000
Carol Rohr 1999
Jean Larson 1998
Mearlene White 1997-1996
Lyndia Wright 1995
Judy Larson 1994
Jean Rosenberg 1993-1992
Janet Mattison 1991
June Hoffman 1990

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